Why Northern Cyprus

Why Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus a jewel
Dubbed as the best of the Mediterranean sea as it was decades ago, is the northern part of Cyprus with best-kept secret. Loved for its slow pace of life and welcoming hospitality, combined beautiful bays and enchanting sights with sunny climate all year round.

Northern Cyprus is an ideal euro-free vacation destinations that are at a crossroads three continents and only 6 miles from turkey. Formerly A British Colony, the island's European influence means that, although the Turkish is the official language in the north, the English still talk publicly and ride is on the left.

Northern Cyprus bursting with exciting antiquity and a rich cultural history. Coastline is amazing beautiful with their old ports where you can eat everything-fresh. Sandy beaches stretches out mile after mile, while deep into the crystal clear bright sea offers many of the region's best dive sites. A Maze of craft shops, antique places and family-owned restaurants waiting exploration in the north of cyprus vibrant cities, while the idyllic countryside and antique rustic villages gently refurbishment in rural areas.

There are several key areas that offer unique experiences for all types of travellers. Kyrenia, the most desired places, is unique in its approach with the focal point that surrounds the old Venetian Port. The long northern coast is supported by the five finger mountains with their dramatic tree bevuxna slopes and Rocky Peaks. Castle ruins, historical and religious relics decorate the mountains, while lower the hills and the valleys are still very beautiful, and also home with some of the most desirable hotels are located.

Father West, is the most fertile region with Citrus Bluebell Groves and olive trees in abundance. In the east pointing finger peninsula karpaz to Syria. This region is more distant even home to the most beautiful landscapes of Northern Cyprus, having abandoned the beaches and ancient villages with its charm, area, graves and ruins which is equipped with A Testament to the regions is glorious past.

Northern Cyprus - sun, sea and sand
Beaches in Northern Cyprus is as diverse as the landscape. One thing I'm sure you'll find is that, most of the beautiful beaches are untouched and welcome you to a pure relaxation.

From sand dunes in karpaz where miles from empty beaches adds a perfect setting for a swim, to kyrenia, completely serviced this golden sanded beach clubs and miles of white milled of famagusta beaches. We all have one thing in common, the crystal clear waters, brilliant they propose to you.

kayak lessons are now available

Cypriot cuisine
Fresh food is what it is about in Northern Cyprus. Food culture is very obvious here with a lot of gyros, freshly caught fish, and a large selection of international dishes served on the entire island. A meal out in Northern Cyprus is highest degree one of the most important social activities in the evenings for the locals. Fruit and vegetables that are locally grown and picked fresh on the island with citrus lemons and oranges, figs, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, parsley, cucumber, tomatoes and olives is just a small selection.

Northern Cyprus offers a variety of activities
If you like to be on the go or want to add some fun to your holiday, Northern Cyprus has lots to offer. Of the many water sports such as swimming, paraglyding, canoeing, wind surfing, snorkeling and diving, organized to more banana boat tours, ring go attractions. Fishing is also a popular activity with hiking, hiking, horse riding and clay pigeon shooting. 31 different orkideer grow wild here in Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus also boasts some of Europe's best go-carting, ten pin bowling lanes and paintball centre. For those who want to have some peace and still looking to get the adrenaline pumping can you also try paragliding which is popular in kyrenia. Golf course is as popular in Northern Cyprus as it is in the rest of the world, and Northern Cyprus has its own international standard golf course as in the picturesque valleys in esentepe near kyrenia.

If you rent our villa you have a huge supermarket, local bar/restaurant and local beach with its own restaurant and changing rooms on your doorstep.

Down the road the two huge hotels have amazing beaches and facilities including a water park, this costs around £8 for the day.

I send you a word document with full details of the area and all the local facilities, a first class massage in the villa will cost £25 for an hour, Jayne the hairdresser who is brilliant charges around £8 for a blow dry at the villa. Donna casahan does fabulous beauty treatmenit’s all here.

Total luxury, the nearby restaurants do takeaways, will pick you up, nothing is too much trouble. A few minutes walk the local bar/restaurant do meals and entertainment.

The turtle watch is very popular, this is on turtle beach but one has to book it and watch the baby turtles hatching and running into the sea. Full details in the villa. All the best places to eat and things to do.

Over 7 lira to the £1 - your money goes a long long way.

So much to do and see, I send you a word doc on all the places you mustn’t miss, we have an English couple who look after the villa and they are there to make sure your happy.

The villa has 2 bedrooms one with double bed and one with two singles, the main bedroom has an en suite.

Wi fi is connected, lots of books, films, Wii, play station etc in the tv rooms plus all the maps and books on the area, walks etc so no need to buy anything, it’s all here you just need your clothes and personal items.

As soon as the deposit is received we send you the word document with everything you need to know about the villa and area plus all the local tel numbers. A local mobile is available at the villa

For full details of sunset villa please email [email protected] or ring 07884061631